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A Journey's End

Locally grown, organic, seasonal foods

       A Journey's End 
       A food Journey!

I started my company 8 years ago, after a long journey, with food. After traveling around the globe, and seeing how other cultures embrace their local products, and allow nothing to go to waste. Growing a "self sustained" farm, is going to be the end result. Most of us have no idea what it means to be “Organic”. Using natural deterrents for pest control, rather than poisons. Lady Bugs, who doesn’t love a Lady Bug!? Weed control is managed by using plants, rather than pulling, or poisoning. Organic is not such foreign thing. It's letting your fruits and vegetables commune with nature, and develop the way they should, in their own time. Finding all variety of products, that are better quality, and help support our local economy is what I’m looking for. If you purchase from local farmers, you will be getting that amazing quality of food, and that local price. These are all the things that I firmly believe to increase profits in local economies, and supply a far better product to locals. Food is a journey, a memory, a moment in your life. It could be the smell of your Grand Mother's house, or the taste of your favorite cake, you remember from your best friends Mom. The journey you take with a taste, smell, feelings are all about food. It brings us together, shares a moment. Come take a journey with me through the world of food. And share this food with the ones you love at, A Journey's End.
Chef/Owner Cynthia Morgan   

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